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UniTerra Nomad Espresso Machine – Luminescent Green

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Portable Manual Lever Espresso Machine
Makes top quality espresso and coffee drinks Price: $299.99 (as of 17/09/2020 22:18 PST- Details)

Color:Luminescent Green

Product Description

The Nomad is a top quality café espresso maker. Inspired by the classic hand operated lever machines, the Nomad’s Micro-Lever architecture eliminates the need for electricity, batteries, or gas propellants, bringing the enjoyment of great espresso to places only bound by the imagination. At home it replaces complicated and expensive espresso machines that occupy precious counter space. The small size and weight lets you bring your coffee habit with you to your office or wherever you travel. Its proprietary True Crema Valve compensates for coffee grounds and tamping variations so anyone can make great espresso with confidence, time after time. Even off-the-shelf ground coffee and uneven grinds from whirling blade grinders produce great results. You will be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to pull a top notch espresso shot with the Nomad, even if you have never used an espresso machine before.

From the Manufacturer

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Perfect Extraction and True, Full Crema

I am now a week-old Nomad Barista and am totally sold out on this gorgeous apparatus. The espresso comes out amazing no matter what coffee I use and reactions from my coffee loving friends are unanimously positive. – a real Kickstarter supporter comment.

Nomad Jazzes up Everyone’s Coffee Life Style

You’ll love having the Nomad with you wherever you go. The Nomad is clean and green. It needs no electricity, batteries, or high pressure gas cartridges. Nor does it need costly, wasteful disposable cups and capsules.

Micro Lever Architecture

The seesaw motion of the small lever operates two tiny piston water pumps. Pressure builds up over a few strokes. Ideal 8 to 10 bars of brewing pressure is at your fingertips.

Interactive Pressure Control

Users pump the lever, watch the pressure gauge, adjust the pumping speed to produce optimal brewing pressure. Live monitoring with total control of the brewing pressure yields superior results.

True Crema Valve

Compensates for coffee grounds and tamping variations. Removes the guess work. Pull a perfect shot each and every time with the help of the patented True Crema Valve.


The Nomad Life Style

Liberate and enrich your coffee lifestyle with the Nomad. Use your favorite coffee, grind and tamp it to make great handcrafted espresso your way at home, in the office, in the garden, RV, or boat, or when you travel. Even in the wilderness you still can enjoy perfect coffee the Nomad way. It is not just another espresso machine. It is fun and easy to use and much more. It is about friends who gather to see how it works and taste the nice cup and then come back for more. The Nomad is a whole new coffee life style with endless possibilities.

About the Startup

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Perfected Elegant Simplicity

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

While living in a tiny Paris apartment, surrounded by great food and art, I was disheartened by the burned coffee poured out of moka pots used in almost every home. I said to myself that there is a need for a micro sized device that produces great espresso shots as good as those from the great lever machines. The Nomad is the realization of this vision. Traditional espresso machines for home or for business are exceedingly big, heavy, complex, expensive, and difficult to use. Home machines produce inferior results and they still occupy too much precious countertop space in those tiny Paris apartments. The Nomad has a small foot print, needs no electricity, operates manually, and produces optimal brewing conditions time after time without frustrating failures. Even users with no espresso-making experience can successfully make great espresso shots, right away the very first time they put their hands on the Nomad.

What makes your product special?

For some users it is the stunning design (“an absolute work or art”). For others it is the ease of use and the quality of espresso produced (“My opinion is the espresso is better than most espressos in cafes, hotels or restaurants”). For others it is the combination of everything that creates the Nomad Experience (“If perfection is possible….that’s my Nomad”). The Nomad works and looks like nothing before it. It is a completely new design concept that defines a whole new coffee making experience. The Micro Lever architecture is a radical rebirth of the classic lever machine that miniaturizes and simplifies the whole concept while retaining the best features of the manual lever water pump. A water pump directly operated by hands enables live monitoring and instant control of the brewing pressure, which yields superior results. However, trained expertise in the precise grinding and tamping techniques is required to pull a successful shot of espresso with the classic lever machines. To get rid of the training requirement and make it easier for the novice users, we invented the True Crema Valve, which compensates for grinds and tamping variations to assure a perfect emulsification of beneficial oils that makes up the beautiful crema of an espresso shot. The Nomad is simply the most dramatic development in manual lever espresso machines in over 50 years. It has a completely new look, feel, size and operation. As users pump the lever, watch the pressure gauge, adjust the pumping speed, seeing the golden crema fill the cup and taste the coffee, it becomes an addicting personal connection between man and machine – it is the Nomad experience – and like no other.

What has been the best part of your startup experience?

Seeing users using Nomad for the first time pulling top notch espresso shots rivaling those from trained baristas and seeing the Nomad becoming an indispensible part of their coffee lifestyle. During the Kickstarter campaign there was much skepticism that a simple small device could produce great espresso shots that would rival those made by trained baristas using advanced professional machines. However, once they received their Nomads the doubters became converted enthusiasts and reported how shocked they were at the superb results produced by their Nomad. “I have to say, best Kickstarter project I’ve received, and the only Kickstarter project that delivered exactly what they promised, I am pleased to say Nomad has exceeded my expectation of … how you don’t need an expensive industrial machine to pull a very nice cup of espresso.” “this is one of the most professional products I’ve received from Kickstarter. Beautiful design and build, well packed and a pleasure to use. I have quite a few coffee machines including a La Pavoni Lever and this is so much easier to use and produces a great crema” ” I feel confident that I can make lattes better than the best coffee shop here in Vancouver, and you can use that as a testimonial” “This isn’t just a well-designed espresso maker; it’s a work of art”

Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
Portable Manual Lever Espresso Machine
Makes top quality espresso and coffee drinks
Comes with high quality machined metal tamper
Small, portable and easy to operate
Requires no electricity, batteries, gas cartridges

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